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an I Am Still Alive update

Still hopelessly Homestucked, I'm afraid, although I've been finally playing BBS and finding the amount of mind-control/possession fic about Terra to be sadly lacking.

School's going decently enough, though busy, and I leave in a week for Florida and a marching band performance.

Band is the shit. This deserves its own paragraph.

Passover remains my favorite holiday, because it's about stories and how they're told more than it's about religion. It's the main cultural holiday, I think, and invites discussions about genocide and the rightness/accuracy/choices of God and fondness of bricks. Also Matzo is great.

So yeah, life continues! I really have been finding the shorter posts encouraged by Tumblr to be more to my taste, so...here I am if you want to see what's up or chat or whatever.


So. LJ basically decided they hate their base, and guess what! Dreamwidth very sensibly took advantage of this. It is now possible to register for an account there without an invite code, up until the new year. I've now got one, and am pretty much going to do everything over there now. I'm also going to be doing some defriending to bring my flist down to a level where I can handle checking it pretty rarely.
So. Comment if you have a dw for me to follow, I guess!


so yeah I went poof
Homestuck and also Tumblr ate me.
kaossparrow.tumblr.com if anyone's interested.
Um. Yeah.

status update

One all-nighter: pulled.
One exceedingly boring essay: written (poorly).
Two cups of highly caffeinated tea and lots of sugar: consumed, with more on the way.
Three subjects of homework: ready to be rushed during lunch/on the bus.
Three textbooks: heavy-looking.

Mood: accomplished.

Icon meme!

1. Reply to this post with a poem, line from a fic, etc., and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

bluh bluh I am a bad person and put this off because I couldn't work up the energy to find out how to code for icons. But now I have! So.

lettersandliars picked:

happy sleep

I have such a love for Okami, you have no idea. Still haven't finished it because first my save slot got messed up when I turned it off too early and now I want to complete EVERYTHING including finding all the animals, but. Love. Also I find that this icon is very good for when my sentiment is "I am rolling around in glee and want to snuggle this forever."


I'm still sad that Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name (amazing webcomic) is hiatusified, but oh well. [...]'s thing with the cranes I always thought was interesting and the icon is I think reflective of what I think about it. Inside the zombieness, he's a person all alone in his head except for this one link.

Trio (school)

fffffffff I love this OT3. I'm kinda falling out of KH fandom and this will probably continue until I've finished BBS, but I can never ever resist a fic with them. Also the icon is what I want for them: happy, relaxed, at peace, together.


I loved Yu-Gi-Oh when I was little, and I didn't really fall out of it by choice. I used to watch it with Mom and Sister, and for some reason we stopped. But I loved it, and it's high on my list of things to rewatch. ALLLLLLL of it. I am still annoyed that I never found out how the Bakura storyline turned out, or really any of them.
{We spent a lot of time when watching drooling of Kaiba's coat. WANT.]
Also what I remember most is the Pegasus storyline. I loved that thing, and it was really creepy.

Very Good Biscuits

forever pterry geek
Death is amazing and I love him to itsy bitsy metatarsal-sized pieces.

iki_teru chose:

The Other Trio

I'm always saddened by how little appreciation there is for these three. Tidus and Wakka are from FFX, which is the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. And Selphie is just asskickingly adorable. But they have a tendency to get forgotten and passed over!


and they make me so sad, because they want their hearts back! Wouldn't you? And Sora just goes "nope mine".

Were you there?

Once again, Pterry. The lilac and the Glorious Revolution of Treacle Mine Road raise their heads every May, and yeah. I didn't like Night Watch as much when I was little, but the older I get the more relevant it is and the more I can understand about politics.
Go read it, if you haven't.

Unhelpful armed people

ahahahahahaha Hawaii 5-0. I haven't started the new season yet, but I love(d) Danny so hardcore.
Loved because the last episode, and to a lesser extent ones before that, kinda didn't do good things for me and it. I didn't like what happened at all; it seemed full of stupidity and people not thinking in situations when they had to and were undoubtedly trained to.
I do however have a post bookmarked of icons of some of the best quotes.


I needed reaction shots! And I found this. I enjoy how different their faces are, even if it's the same sentiment.
i love both of these girls so much
so much

Homestuck Essay: The Risen Angel

SO. Apparently what I should do late at night is write eight-paragraph essays about Eridan, social pressure, and character arcs. Based largely on a conversation in AIM, which I will now copy-paste and also edit to get rid of the off-topic stuff. {The first bit is in reference to a KH AU we're working on, in which Terra is Seer of Hope.]

Cygnahime: I mean, Terra's going to have a hell of a lot of trouble getting a handle on the Seer thing. He should have SOMETHING work from the get-go.
I think Hope-flavored Seer powers may involve seeing the way out of a given situation?
{Doomed Timeline Terra knows he's doomed because nope, no way out of this, sorry.}
kaossparrow: {Huh. That makes things interesting, because remember Karkat saying maybe this is a doomed timeline? And Eridan saying there was no hope? I don't think it's *true*, but. Interesting.]
Cygnahime: Also, at the Hope-powers-stop-sucking portion of the game, combat precognition FTW.
I mean, Seer powers appear very strongly "flavored" by their aspect. Rose and Terezi are v v different.
kaossparrow: {Eridan has guessing for whether or not there is still hope. Terra has Seer powers.]
kaossparrow: {And the thing about Seer powers? They are usually pretty accurate, although not always translated correctly.]
momentaryWaste: I like that thing
It suits my crossover headcanon, too
So Hope is getting out of situations that are apparently hopeless
kaossparrow: Or, I think, Hope is assessing whether or not a situation *is* hopeless.
kaossparrow: And a large part of how well Hope works is based on who and what class it's paired with.
Cygnahime: It's Hope as not-letting-go.
Or just *how* it works.
kaossparrow: Some, like Seer, work quite well.
Some, like Prince...don't.
Cygnahime: Prince of Hope I think is the rising fallen angel.
momentaryWaste:</b> I think we can all agree that what Eridan did is probably not what he's SUPPOSED to do
Cygnahime: It's a nasty double-whammy of class and aspect that require you to hit bottom before starting back up.
I think, though, what his arc SHOULD look like is what is in my head the "Edmund Pevensie arc".
kaossparrow: And very unfortunately, Eridan was not in a place where he would *let himself* do that.
Cygnahime: Because the most important Hope is that the monster need not remain a monster.
kaossparrow: Someday {like tomorrow] I will write out exactly what went wrong with Eridan as regards to his class and aspect.

And then I ended up writing it right then, because SCREW SLEEP. Also this thing is 1,092 words and I wrote it straight off in one sitting, what the hell.

Tentative title: The Risen AngelCollapse )

random thoughts of the day, also book recs

-why do I suddenly want dark Peter Pan fic, possibly about the, you know, totally nonchalant attitude towards hand cutting off

-whenever I eat peaches or nectarine I feel vaguely dirty, with the licking and the sucking and yeah.
if fruit was a person I would so have sex with them.

-Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is a wonderful book. It is depressing and dystopic, yes, and it is amazing.

-Continuing the trend! The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter was my choice summer reading book. Also depressing in a way, also amazing. I will probably make an actual post about it later, because FEELINGS.

-More recs. Their Eyes Were Watching God was the assigned book, and it is also PRETTY GREAT.

so yeah school started! and I was really really busy for that first week because COUGH COUGH PROCRASTINATION OF SUMMER WORK COUGH, but now I've got it under control.

Poems Day One: Rhyme of Lore

Because I feel none of you have yet realized how truly geeky I am about poetry, and because I just feel like it, I am going to try and post a poem a day, for...as long as I feel like it!
(I have a word doc with some of my favorites. It's fifteen pages and growing.)
Part of what brought this on is looking through gyzym's Inspiration Meme, which is awesome and full of yay.
Without further ado, I give you the Rhyme of Lore from Lord of the Rings.

Tall ships and tall kings
Three times three
What brought they from the foundered land
Over the flowing sea?
Seven stars and seven stones
And one white tree.


I kinda
hopped the Homestuck bandwagon
(In my defense, I didn't actually know it *was* a bandwagon. I was introduced to it from a tumblr I was watching for completely unrelated purposes that reblogged some noveau drawings, and also quite a good mini-essay thing on feminism in it. After those I had to read it! Good thing too; if I didn't know it got more interesting I'd probably have quite within the first ten or twenty pages.)

If I'm not around, it is mostly because I am basically haunting the fandom, especially the kink meme. Which is actually the everything meme. Like half the promps are either no-smut or optional-smut, it's kind of hilarious.
It has ALL THE PAIRINGS, and also the way romance canonically works means that I have seen little, if any, character-hate for breaking up ships. Not even rants on it, which is a nice change after KH.

(this is Homestuck, IT GETS BETTER)


I saw Captain America~
No big long discussion this time, but still behind the cut for spoilers.

I will tell you this: it was *amazing*.Collapse )

Soooooooo goooooooooooood. And funny without being crass, which is not something I expect when going into a theater.


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